Our dear selma past away  in january 2021.

She is probably the bitch who have ment most for our breeding

Her legacy will live  for a long time in the pedrigree in many great dogs and in our hearts.




BEST BROOD BITCH 2020,and 2022

 5 x BOB PROGENTY-Group with HP


8xBOB Puppy

2xBOB Junior

1xBIS Junior

1xBIS Intermediate Class

1xBOB Intermediate Class



1xRes CC.


Mother of:
N S UCH  RL1 Dancewood Bovitier D`Aunou
N UCH BH-VT IAD  Dancewood Most Happy Fella
NUCH RL1 Dancewood Whishes Fulfilled

24 of 24 pupps clear HD

23 of 24 pupps clear AD

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