5 Champions In 4 Weeks

In 4 weeks Dancewood Golden has gotten 5 Champions!

NUCH Dancewood Most Happy Fella(Dutch Tab v.d. Beerse Hoeve-Senna De Ria Vela) O:Kjetil Buer
NUCH Dancewood Whishes Fulfilled(Dewmist  Sympatico-Senna De Ria Vela) 
NUCH Dancewood Lex Groove Tonight(Dewmist Lexington-Dancewood Amour D`Aunou) O:Vigdis Næss
NUCH Lady In Red Av Vervik(Dewmist Lexington-Sukkertøy Av Vervik) Breeder: Anne Margrethe Bjørvik
NUCH Springflower To Dancewood Av Vervik(Dewmist Sand Of Atacama-Dancewood Alice Spring Dessert) Breeder: Anne Margethe Bjørvik O:Anita Lindholt


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