A Great late summer

We have been to many shows this late summer and the results have been great.

NRK. avd. Gjøvik

Judge: Lena Hagglund

Dancewood Bouvitier D`aunou                                                        BOS-puppy
Dancewood Amour D“ aunou                                                          2nd in puppy  class
Dancewood Farandole De Corta                                                     4th in Puppy Class
Dewmist  Double Jeopardy                                                                1st In Junior class, Res CC 3rd Best Male
Dewmist Lexington                                                                               1st in intermediate Class, CC 2nd Best Male
Dewmist Sand Of Atacama                                                                 1st in Working Class
Dewmist Santolina                                                                               4th in Open Class
Dancewood A Dime A Dozen                                                             2nd in Intermediate class


NRK. Avd Agder

Judge: Bertil Lundgren

Dewmist Double Jeopardy                                                                 1st in Junior Class CC and 2nd best male
Dewmist Lexington                                                                              1st in Intermediateclass
Springflower To dancewood Av Vervik                                            1st in open CC and 3rd best Bitch
Dewmist Santolina                                                                               2nd in open res CC and 4th best Bitch



NRK Avd Ringerike 

Judge: Jens Karlson
Dancewood Gatsby De Vie                                                            2nd in Puppy class
Dancewood Amour D`aunou                                                         1st in Puppyclass BOB and BIS
Dewmist Double Jeopardy                                                             1st in Junior class, 4th best male
Dewmist Lexington                                                                          1st in intermediate Class CC
Dewmist Santolina                                                                           1st in Open, 4th best bitch
On this 3 shows we have taken 11!!!! class victories out of 16 possible.
3 dogs is now standing for the Championat!!!



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