What can I say? We have had some great results on dogs from our breeding, but yesterday; best ever I think.

All in best male were from Dancewood!!!!

 BEST MALE NUCH Dancewood Dont Take Five(Dewmist Dantes Peak-Dancewood Amour D`Aunou) O: Hege Husa
2nd With CC Dancewood Paul Oakenfold(Dewmist Double Jeopardy-Dancewood Lex Take A Selfie) O: Camilla Bertelsen Olsen
 3rd With res.CC Dancewood Minou Du Donjon(Maybe Forever The One And Only-Senna De Ria Vela) Co-Owner 4th NUCH Dancewood Most Happy Fella(Dutch Tab v.d Beerse Hoeve) O:Kjetil Buer and handled by Inga Tora Hallvardsdottir
But that is not all!!
Dancewood Shea Coulee(Glitters Rebel At Heart-Dancewood I Fly With You become BOB Puppy O: Stefán Tómas Þórarinsson, Iceland!
1st In Open Bitch Dancewood Doctorin` The Tardis (Dewmist Dantes Peak-Dancewood Amour d`Aunou) L: Gun Vestli Håkonsen
4th Dancewood Phi Pho O`Hara O: Widunn Irene Wetteland and handled by Silje Kristine Karlsen
3rd in junior Dancewood Charm N`Courage(Prince Charming Of Labgold Qudore-Dancewood Rich N`Elegant) O: Nina Lotta Berg
4th in Jr Dancewood Charlotte De Witte (Dewmist Double Jeopardy-Dancewood Lex Take A Selfie) O: Hilde S. Jensen and handled well by young Lily.
BOB Breeders Class
BOB Progenty Class: Dewmist Double Jeopardy, Handled By his best friend Simen Isbjørn Adolfsen
13 dogs from us were shown this day, and we got 5 class winners!!

We are so proud and also so lucky to have the best puppy byers we can think of.!!

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