Great day in the South


Had a great trip to my old homeplace with a lot of dogs and friends.

NRK av Agder. Judge: Lena-Cathrine Rølles

Dancewood Bouviter D` Aunou (Ch Mad About You De Ria Vela- Senna De Ria Vela) O.Marlene Forss

C.I.E Nord Uch Dewmist Lure Of The Circus 4th Best male

Dancewood Manofmanymissios (Ch Dewmist Sympatico-Senna De Ria Vela) L:Mathilde Bratlie 4th in Juniorclass

Dancewood Whishes Fulfilled (Ch Dewmist Sympatico-Senna De Ria Vela)L: Vilde Lillegård 2nd im Juniorclass

Dancewood Lost Without You Love (Ch Dewmist Double Jeopardy) O. Simen Isbjørn Adolfsen and Randi Breivik
3rd in Juniorclass

Dancewood Act Of Grace( Ch Dewmist Sympatico- Senna De Ria Vela) O.August Kjerland 4th in Junior Class

Dancewood Farandole De Corta ( Mad About You De Ria Vela-Senna De Ria Vela) O. Beate Kristine Halvorsen 2nd in Open class.

Senna De Ria Vele BOB and HP in Progenty Class!!!

Dancewood BOB and HP in Breeders Class!!!!!!

NKK Kr.sand. Judge Hans Rosenberg.

Dewmist Lexington 4th Best Male
Dancewood Bovitier D` Aunou 4th in Open
Dancewood Farandole De Corta 4 in Open
Dancewood Lost Without Your Love 2nd in Juniorclass

Dewmist Lure of the Circus

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